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Ganeshkumar, india

The mouth painter


This is the official website of Ganesh kumar.

Ganesh Kumar is an artist who paints with his mouth, because 80 percentages of his upper and lower limbs are paralysed due to poliomyelitis when he was one year old.

He is a scholarship holder of the international ‘Association for Mouth and Foot Painting Artists’ (AMFPA) based in Liechtenstein. His paintings were exhibited and published all over world.


He got many recognition included the national award of 'Outstanding Young Indian' from non-reserved category and Indian Embassy in Qatar honoured him in front of an international audience.


He is the founder of three referent organisations, with his friends in various fields like Art, Education and Disability. 

As well the painter, he was invited to several countries to talk in seminars and workshops as a motivator. 


He developed many type of accessories to survive his physical limitations for daily routine, including 5+1 multipurpose wheelchair. 

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