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The Ecstasy of limitless sky

Original Mouth Painting by Ganesh Kumar, India

This paining is a new hope for ultimate mobility with an innovative drone wheelchair. In this painting, a man is flying in this drone wheelchair with immense ecstasy. The life embraces and kisses him as his intimate lover with its all faces of playfulness, like the ‘Kiss’ of Gustav Klimt. In the background, the gigantic horse of time is melting down to the feet of human creativity, like the ‘Persistence of Memory’ of Salvador Dali. The root of freedom is visiting to the vacuum of traditional wheelchair persons.

In this painting the artist is trying to depict the history of disability also. It can start to read from the bottom right to left. The History focuses that before the Barbarian Era, thousands of disabled people had been burned alive in a stadium. Later, the disabled were behind the bars for centuries like animals caged in zoo. After the religions arose, every religion was seemed against the disability. Hindus and Romans say it is because of parents' sin. Christians say it’s the study model for the normal people. Islam believes if any disabled is born then it is the assurance of the Heaven for the parents. Even the modern politics considers them just for votes. Many of disabled had been victims of this tragic social situation and they had scrolled in many of man-made steps by begging to survive.

But few brilliant were very far ahead the common society. Great maestro Beethoven, mouth painter AE Stegmann, footless dancer Sudha chandran etc. are depicted in this picture. Overall, Mr. Stephen Hawking, the ever historical legend and scientist is the keen thread of this painting.

This drone wheelchair is not only for disabled but it would be useful for every one because no one can use common chair in an office or vehicles or anywhere in this pandemic like world. Hence in future, it will be the modern private vehicle for individuals. There will not a single private vehicle on the road except trains and buses especially for long trips, which would be seat-less but with locking clips for this flying chair. This invention will vanish the scene of incredible excess of private vehicle on the road, suffering of traffic and high poisoning pollution on the air. And it will end the earth disastrous development of roads, bridges and market complexes etc. Besides all this, with this flying chair, everyone should be equal to so-called disabled or wheelchair people.

Mr. Ganesh Kumar is a mouth painter, because his upper and lower limps are paralyzed due to polio before his one year old. He is a scholarship holder of the international association for mouth and foot painting artists based in Liechtenstein. His paintings were exhibited and published all over world. He was invited and flew to several countries as a painter and motivator. He is the founder of three deferent organizations in various fields like Art, Education and Disability. He developed many type of accessories to survive his physical limitations for daily routine, including 5+1 multipurpose wheelchair.

According to the concept, this flying wheelchair should be made of aircraft material. It will be small in size and cute looking. The powerful motor and battery should be under the seat. When switching to fly, its side portions and back will spread to sides and back with solar wings and the wheels will transform into drone fans-leafs and then it will start to fly as a drone. Even fully paralyzed person too can travel with this wheelchair because we can set the destination by GPS. With this complete sensor systematic flying vehicle, one or two persons can travel like the motor bike but in the air!

This painting is not only a dream but a proposal too to the modern scientist for a challenge to develop such an innovative wheelchair for a new revolution for humanity.


Title : The Ecstasy of limitless sky

Medium : Acrylic and permanent marker on canvas

Size : 24×30 inches

Date : 28 August 2020

Original mouth painting by : Ganesh kumar. India.


( This painting is submitted to ART FROM HEART contest, conducting by VOSAP international )

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